Welcome our newest addition

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So, we’ve opened up the forum. There are still some hiccups and a few more things to setup. However, its up and running.

We are still working out how the layout and some things are going to be. So, yea, get to it. Visit our forum now! Its a little barren of course, but in time, itll feel just like home.

Where from here?

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For many moons now, GTHacker has been quietly looking for the next way into those little GoogleTV boxes and also furthering what progress has already been completed. As we progress forward, we have been considering adding a forum to our little family of sites, (wiki, and blog)

Apparently, some people have been looking for a forum to call home. In some cases, adding GoogleTv sections to other sites. Is this something we must add?

Leave me your thoughts and comments below. We’d love to know what yall think.

Zenofex speaks on podcast

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Recently, Zenofex of the GtvHacker community spoke on a podcast about getting root. You can check it out here: http://techmisfits.com/05/19/gtvhacker-zenofex-speaks/.

He speaks with Resno and Integgrol.

Android Market

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Well, after hearing Google IO, we have learned some unfortunate information. We wont be getting market till sometime this summer.

We are suppose to getting Android version 3.1, which is good news. Not sure what that means in terms of getting and maintaining a software root for the Google Tv Devices.

Stay tuned as more details develop. Soon our hopes and dreams will become a reality. (At least we hope)

Google Tv SDK and Market?

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We have been wondering when the Google TV SDK would be released and we are starting to hope and think the time is soon-ish. Reports are, it should be release within a month! The market is believed to follow in about 3 months.

This has several implications, but the biggest note is, this should open the door and make the GoogleTV any even better device. Having the market and sdk available will allow us one more tool in finding a software root. This is an exciting time, and we can not wait to ride the rollercoaster.

Root Achieved on All Google TV Devices

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We are proud to announce we have rooted all available Google TV devices with a one click root method. We are very excited to be releasing this new method out to the world.

This doesnt require the use of hardware hackings like previously done on other boards and has been shown to work on most every Google TV Device. The other benefit is that, since the Market and SDK havent been released, we are able to allow market apps to be installed on all devices.

Lastly, this new system works on all statuses. So devices that have been used can now enjoy root!

For instructions click here.

(This is a April Fools joke.)

Finding the Revue Software Root

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It has been a few short weeks since we released the hardware root on the Logitech Reuve and the community has really sprung up in support of the progress we have made.  Almost immediately, people began requesting root for non-virgin boxes,(Passed the initial setup phase) and which did not require opening it to solder onto the board.

Although  we remain committed to reaching the overall goal of opening the Revue up to the masses, our best efforts have still not resulted in what we all want, the elusive ROOT.

It took a team of people countless hours… literally countless hours to make the progress that has been made, and we realize there is more work to be done.  Rest assured, we are trying most every avenue available to us, and once we have made progress we will release it to the world! Keep your eye on gtvhacker for the latest in developments.

Do you have a Revue? If so, did you hear about root in time to use it?

Live wallpapers on GoogleTV?

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Google Tv Live WallpapersWith the hardware root under our belt, we have been able to try a few other things.  Here’s one cool thing thats been reported so far, Live Wallpapers! If you have an Android phone, you know them well.  They are essentially wallpapers with different animations.

Have you been able to do anything on your rooted GoogleTV?