Google Tv SDK and Market?

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We have been wondering when the Google TV SDK would be released and we are starting to hope and think the time is soon-ish. Reports are, it should be release within a month! The market is believed to follow in about 3 months.

This has several implications, but the biggest note is, this should open the door and make the GoogleTV any even better device. Having the market and sdk available will allow us one more tool in finding a software root. This is an exciting time, and we can not wait to ride the rollercoaster.

Root Achieved on All Google TV Devices

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We are proud to announce we have rooted all available Google TV devices with a one click root method. We are very excited to be releasing this new method out to the world.

This doesnt require the use of hardware hackings like previously done on other boards and has been shown to work on most every Google TV Device. The other benefit is that, since the Market and SDK havent been released, we are able to allow market apps to be installed on all devices.

Lastly, this new system works on all statuses. So devices that have been used can now enjoy root!

For instructions click here.

(This is a April Fools joke.)