Bug Report for Official OTA 3.1

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We’ve just removed the wrapper off our present and already it seems bugs and issues are popping up.  One user reports

Bug #1
programs pre-installed in Android Market do not list as installed, but states “not compatible”

Bug #2
Tried to install a program not pre-installed, Big Picture Google TV, on the install page states “installing” forever, cannot open from this page, but then going to all applications page shows it was installed, but when opened, displays only first picture of a series, later pictures remain blank

Have you come across any bugs or issues with the recent release? We’d like  to know!

Logitech: Release an “open” boot-loader for the Logitech Revue

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With the impending death of the Revue coming, we have issues the following call in hopes we can continue developing and improving the platform.

We love the community that has emerged since we started working with the Revue.  As Logitech has dropped the ball, we would like to pick it up and continue improving the Revue.  We have started a petition in hopes of getting this.


Logitech recently announced that they would no longer be making the revue after the current holiday season. After this period the device will receive very little attention and will have a very angry base of original supporters. To help avoid this Logitech should provide a “developer boot-loader” for the Logitech Revue to allow developers to create there own kernels and updates for the device. At its current state the Logitech Revue is completely locked down making it very difficult for developers to add modifications or fix bugs on the device. There are also already a number of teams creating custom ROMs for android devices, unlocking the boot-loader would allow these groups to port current custom ROMs or generate new custom ROMs to the Logitech Revue. With the release of a development boot-loader that allowed such modifications the device would continue to grow and would help un-tarnish the reputation that this device has given Logitech.

Please sign our petition and join the movement! We want to take it from awesome tool, form factor to something really amazing.

The Real Story Behind the Revue

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Seems like the media has spun the world in a tizzy about what was said during a recent Logitech presentation.  It seems like the sites out there all parrot each other continuing to spread the same story without doing real investigations into the matters said, one of the guys over Gnarld decided to take a hard look… or better yet a hard listen into what was really said at the press conference.

He reallys digs down deep comparing what popular sites quote and what Logitech CEO Guerrino De Luca really says.  Check it out!


Plex Media Center Now Runs on Google TV

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Read the full details here: http://www.slashgear.com/plex-app-hits-google-tv-03192677/


Ill write a post hopefully later.

Updating to future USB updates from HC “User-Debug” leak

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Below is a method to flash the old “un-neutered” HC recovery onto the new userdebug build. This will allow you to update by USB to the official HC build that Google will hopefully release in the coming weeks. The method below requires that you have installed adb from the android sdk. Please make sure to enter the commands below after entering the directory that the recovery.img was extracted to (or to change the “adb push recovery.img /tmp/recovery.img” command to “adb push /path/to/recovery.img /tmp/recovery.img”).

Warning: Using any recovery other than a properly signed recovery will brick your box, only use the recovery supplied. You also may to ensure you have a good network connection to your revue before continuing.


Note: recovery.img(sha1) = 14c31dc6db2d8f9ec15f94f2f929dbb68142d16c

Step 1.) Get IP Address of Revue (settings->network->status).
Step 2.) Enable adbd (settings->applications->development), then check “Remote Debugging”.
Step 3.) Add the IP Address of the computer you are connecting from (“Debugger Ip Address in settings->applications->development).
Step 4.) Connect to adb from computer using the following (Replacing with your ip) adb command:

  • adb connect

Step 5.) Restart adbd as root by executing the following:

  • adb root

Step 6.) Reconnect to adbd on the revue using:

  • adb connect

Step 7.) Paste each line of the following (one at a time).

  • adb push recovery.img /tmp/recovery.img
  • adb shell flash_image recovery /tmp/recovery.img

Successfully running the last line should output something similar to the following:

  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 0
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 40000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 80000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at c0000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 100000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 140000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 180000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 1c0000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 200000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 240000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 280000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 2c0000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 300000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 340000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 380000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 3c0000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 400000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 440000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 480000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 4c0000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 500000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 540000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 580000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 5c0000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 600000
  • mtd: successfully wrote block at 0

GTV 2.0 – Probably in 3 – 4 weeks

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This just in folks, Google TV director of Content, Donagh O’Malley, dropped a ETA of 3-4 weeks on the release of GTV 2.0.

Although we are thrilled to hear this, we remain skeptical as there have been previous released dates that have come and passed without reason.

(Donagh O’Malley begins speaking about 36 minutes in mark and gives Honeycomb ETA at 57:50).

None the less, we are glad to see continued development of the the GTV line. When do you think the update will hit our beloved devices?


Logitech Revue for $89.99

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There has been a recent drop in the price of the Revue once again! You can now pick up one these little beauties for $89.99!

Check out this http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=219622139.

Plus at the time of this posting you will also receive free shipping!

Even though, the recent Honeycomb update to the Revue has been slow and much anticipated we remain hopeful that its right around the bend. In the meantime, if you have a virgin box you can Root it, or Install HC3.1 leaked.

If you buy a few extras, we are always looking boxes to work on/with.

UPDATED: The price has jumped up.

GTVHacker Needs You!

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We’ve recently sent out the call in request for you all to send us your devices for us to work on.  W

e h

ave Revues, but some of you have other devices.  Its expensive for us to get our hands on all devices in order to figure out how pop them open.  So, we are looking to you!

As cliche as it sounds, help us help you help us.

Ill pull an quote from the call:

Zenofex says:

As you all may know we do not currently take cash donations but any hardware donations you make save the team money and guarantee (unlike cash) that your donation will be used to help further all future GTV hacking. Tdweng and pcgeil listed a few things already that we need but we are also looking for

Software donations of:
The Intel CE 31xx/41xx SDK
Any documentation regarding the CE 31xx/41xx processors.

Hardware donations of:
“Fishtank” development units (if they aren’t required to be sent back)
Any of the CE 31xx/41xx development units from Tatung.com or Videon-Central.com

If the donation is a software donation please email me at zenofex at gtvhacker.com and we can work out a way for you to get us the software. If you have a hardware donation please contact us and we can arrange to have the item shipped to one of the members (In most cases we can provide compensation for shipping charges).


Tdweng says

Guys/Gals the gtvhacker team is looking for broken or reduced GTV both the Logitech (Revue) and Sony, but mainly the Sony so we can work with and help get those the Sony boxes rooted, among other things.

If you are willing to help us out please either message one of the core team members, join us in irc on channel #gtvhacker, or just leave a comment below.

We appreciate however you can help!

We’ll even create a listing for those who helps us out in the future!

New Devices for UK

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Reports are, there are some new devices on the horizon for our friends across the lake. (The Atlantic Lake).  Reports arent saying much yet, but GoogleTv isnt going anywhere!

HC 3.1 on Revue

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Since the release of HC on the Reuve, the worlds been discussing all the things possible. You can follow and join in the dicussion on our forums.

Heres the post we received from an unknown source.

Here it is everyone, Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) BETA On the Logitech Revue.


This is BETA, it is not meant to be widely used and has bugs. If that’s something you don’t care about and would like to risk it anyway, install the update. Also, If you want to help Logitech and Google out buy another Revue ( preferably from logitech.com ), at $99 its worth every penny.

If you want to help, mirror this file in as many places as possible. I’m sure it’ll be taken down quickly