Root for Sony Google TV with Unsigned Kernels!

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Splash screen for sony gtvhacker bootup

We give to you our latest release, a root for all current Sony Google TV devices that we call “The GTVHacker Sony Recovery Downgrader & Rebooter”. This method will allow you root and run custom unsigned kernels on your Sony Google TV device.

The process in the guide above will walk you through downgrading the system to an exploitable version. Then using another exploit, we hijack the devices boot process and reload a new kernel. This completely bypasses the signatures normally used by the system, including those used in the bootloader, kernel, and init binary. The kernel reload process happens automatically each time the box is powered on, and the USB drives required for the install are not needed again. After loading our attached unsigned kernel you will notice a new splash screen (featuring the Sony and GTVHacker logo) as well as the following perks:

  • Modified flash plugin with random per box flash string for Content Provider Bypass.
  • Crippled update feature to prevent box from receiving automatic updates.
  • Completely RW system, cache, and rootfs partitions
  • Full ADB Root
  • Removed signature checks on kernel / init scripts / init binary
  • A few other surprises.
  • BETA: Enable NTFS Support for Sony Google TV devices (see wiki for instructions on how to add: Sony NTFS)

Between the speediness of the 3.2 upgrade and the unsigned kernels we finally have the box that we’ve always wanted from the Google TV. We recommend this update to everyone as it only requires 4 USB sticks and is a 100% softmod (No soldering required!).

The guide and information about the process can be found at our wiki:

How to Root Guide: Running Unsigned Kernels On Sony GTV

For a more detailed look into how this all works, check out the about: About The Sony Downgrade & Rebooter (Root)

And finally, for support or to comment checkout our forum post:

GTVHacker Forums: NSX-GT1 and NSZ-GT1 exploit to run unsigned kernels!


2 Comments on “Root for Sony Google TV with Unsigned Kernels!”

  1. 1 wpfn said at 6:22 pm on February 20th, 2012:

    Careful…with a Sony product – you never actually own it, you only license the use as we’ve seen from the PS3 class action lawsuits still underway. Never buying Sony again…

  2. 2 Chad said at 7:45 pm on February 20th, 2012:

    Was able to do this with one usb drive. Took a bit longer though