GTVHacker Needs You!

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We’ve recently sent out the call in request for you all to send us your devices for us to work on.  W

e h

ave Revues, but some of you have other devices.  Its expensive for us to get our hands on all devices in order to figure out how pop them open.  So, we are looking to you!

As cliche as it sounds, help us help you help us.

Ill pull an quote from the call:

Zenofex says:

As you all may know we do not currently take cash donations but any hardware donations you make save the team money and guarantee (unlike cash) that your donation will be used to help further all future GTV hacking. Tdweng and pcgeil listed a few things already that we need but we are also looking for

Software donations of:
The Intel CE 31xx/41xx SDK
Any documentation regarding the CE 31xx/41xx processors.

Hardware donations of:
“Fishtank” development units (if they aren’t required to be sent back)
Any of the CE 31xx/41xx development units from or

If the donation is a software donation please email me at zenofex at and we can work out a way for you to get us the software. If you have a hardware donation please contact us and we can arrange to have the item shipped to one of the members (In most cases we can provide compensation for shipping charges).


Tdweng says

Guys/Gals the gtvhacker team is looking for broken or reduced GTV both the Logitech (Revue) and Sony, but mainly the Sony so we can work with and help get those the Sony boxes rooted, among other things.

If you are willing to help us out please either message one of the core team members, join us in irc on channel #gtvhacker, or just leave a comment below.

We appreciate however you can help!

We’ll even create a listing for those who helps us out in the future!

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